A Luminèan a Week: Iiimare people

A Luminèan a Week: Iiimare people

From my sketchbook: a couple of head shots of some creatures from my story who live underwater, in a city called Uèèni.




Greetings to readers, both new and old! Due to there being a lack of a comments interface that would be compatible with my site, I’ve moved to WordPress!

Although this most likely means that previous posts in my site’s blog may not be able to be imported here, it’s not so bad.

In fact, it’s a great time to move forward in a new direction!

The purpose of this blog is primarily to showcase my work. I will show both new and ongoing projects, concepts and sketches. I will have a feature called the ‘A Luminèan a Week’ which will show character sketches and concepts from my middle-grade fantasy series called Luminè. It is planned to be three books. I am thrilled to have finished the first draft of the first book!

Although it will be a lot of hard work, I am prepared to do whatever it takes to get the book fit for publication.

I want to share my process with everyone, its triumphs and struggles alike. Maybe, we can go on this journey together. Maybe I can be of some help to those who also have a ‘book they are working on’, or anything else that is the ‘dream project.’

My long-time sculptor friend David once told me on a day when I was feeling down, when I told him that I felt like a little fish in a big sea of illustrators:

He scowled at me.

“No, NO. See this?”

He promptly draws a crazy looking fish. It looked a bit like an Angler fish, I thought.

“This is YOU. No matter what, you can pull people in, by being who YOU are, no matter what size.”

Then he draws a super-big fish.

“Or you can just eat everyone else.”

“David, you know I wouldn’t do that.” I said.

“I prefer the second option.” he said, “but that’s more my style. You be the Angler-Lady.”

Let’s dive in, the water’s fine!