A Luminèan a Week: Lena Vesper and Primrose

A Luminèan a Week: Lena Vesper and Primrose

The same day I sketched this, the first book for Luminè has made it into the hands of an agent and is being reviewed. Exciting times!



An Exchange Between Strangers

An Exchange Between Strangers

I was trying to catch a train yesterday to Chappaqua, where I would be meeting with my employers at the Center for Aligned Healing. It was a nice day to travel, but I had to really move to get there in time, since I don’t drive.
I’m normally cautious when crossing the street, but in White Plains, the lights are long and somewhat unpredictable depending on where you cross.
While hesitating at a crosswalk (with a light that was going to turn green any second) an older woman with a brilliantly red coat came up beside me.
“I’m going to go for it,” she said, “are you with me?”
I laughed, and we ran together, two total strangers, making it to the other side unscathed.

Instead of leaving me to go her separate way, the two of us fell into conversation, a bond forged by a dangerous reaction. I discovered that she loved living here. Her husband wanted to move to Florida. We both agreed that a place with seasons was the best.
“Even upstate, like Warwick has its seasons,” she said, which brought a lump to my throat.
That is how I ended up telling a total stranger about a recent unhappy event in my life. I will not elaborate on it here, but a person I cared about has decided to part ways with me, hoping to be friends in the future. We started as friends.
Life goes on, and it will get easier with time. Even now, I feel that it will serve for my growth and ultimate good.
“I’m headed to church down there.” the older woman said.
“The one near the train station?” I asked.
“That’s the one.” She said, “I’ll say a prayer for you.”
I thanked her.

“I can tell you are a beautiful, nice young woman,” she said, “You should be fortunate for all the opportunities that women get these days. When I was younger, you could either be a teacher, a secretary, or a bookkeeper. Now women can do so much more.”

I gave her my card. She told me she had ten grandchildren and would order my book for them.
(The Boy Who Wore Many Hats- Margaret Merigliano, available on Amazon)

I sincerely believe that this woman was put in my path to remind me that with every void created, that there will always be something new to take its place. Even four days ago, when it really hurt to realize that my relationship with this person had ended, I knew it. He knew that I knew it too.

Meeting this woman reminded me how much I loved being connected to others. I like talking to strangers. I am a friendly person.

I will continue to forge bonds with others, because it makes me happy, even now.
However, maybe next time, I’ll tell us to hang back and wait for the red.