A Luminèan a Week: Mer-angel and Barnaby

A Luminèan a Week: Mer-angel and Barnaby

Angels are awesome. I think real people can be angels too. An angel is a force for good. Sometimes it takes a human form, sometimes not. I think that’s just fine with me.
Barnaby is my beta fish. He hangs out in the studio with me.



A Luminèan a Week: The Chariot

A Luminèan a Week: The Chariot

I have been studying the tarot for about a year or so, give or take. I do daily one or three card readings for myself.
Tarot is great. It is a wonderful way to interpret and solidify your thoughts. You don’t need to be a uber-Spiritual or occult person to get into it. You don’t need to be ‘psychic’ or ‘intuitive’.
Everyone has the capability to Know Themselves.
If you are going to start, I suggest at least reading a book or two on the subject. I would go into detail, but it is really meant for self-study. I may speak more on the subject if there is interest in a future post.

This image is a result of a card that has been coming up many times. Drawing this image helped me to understand what this card meant, to itself and in my life.
Onward and Upward!


A Luminèan a Week: Meditational Distraction Fairy

A Luminèan a Week: Meditational Distraction Fairy

Just for fun. I went for a walk and this image popped into my head.

Breathe away those distracting thoughts….


The Word is Getting Around, or Being Mary Poppins for a Living?

The Word is Getting Around, or Being Mary Poppins for a Living?

My aforementioned friend David, the guy who saw my art persona as an angler fish (see my first post!) has come through for me in a big way.

In his high school years, David had won an Emerging Artists scholarship and as a result, he has become one of those on the committee that organize the Emerging Artists Exhibit at the yearly White Plains Outdoor Arts Festival.

Last year, David recommended me to the committee, and I had a fun, exhausting weekend of selling artwork in an outdoor pavilion with him and the other artists. I didn’t make a whole lot of money, but I did some networking, passed out some cards and overall, put a face to my name in my local area.

However, this year, I have the opportunity to establish myself in an unexpected way. This time, I won’t be selling art, although I will get to advertise my books.

This year, I will be leading an art workshop for kids, June 1st-2nd at the Outdoor Arts Festival.

Apparently, my reputation as someone who does creative things with kids has spread. When discussing possible people to run the program, a woman on the board who sent her kids to Cranberry Lake camp remembered me. In this job where I worked for several summers, teaching, creating crafts, and taking kids on the trail, I would often pass out my cards whenever I felt an internal nudge to do so.
When David mentioned that he knew me too, it was meant to be!

This whole process has lead me to believe that I just might be able to make a lucrative income doing craft events and birthday parties for children. I could travel to their houses, so I wouldn’t have to worry about insurance or other issues that arise from having a building. Therefore, at the festival, I plan to launch my new business by advertising myself at the table.

Here’s to a future career that will not tie me down to any particular place, a job I can take with me into the future!

Now I just need an umbrella and some flying lessons.


A Luminèan a Week: Lena Vesper and Primrose

A Luminèan a Week: Lena Vesper and Primrose

The same day I sketched this, the first book for Luminè has made it into the hands of an agent and is being reviewed. Exciting times!


An Exchange Between Strangers

An Exchange Between Strangers

I was trying to catch a train yesterday to Chappaqua, where I would be meeting with my employers at the Center for Aligned Healing. It was a nice day to travel, but I had to really move to get there in time, since I don’t drive.
I’m normally cautious when crossing the street, but in White Plains, the lights are long and somewhat unpredictable depending on where you cross.
While hesitating at a crosswalk (with a light that was going to turn green any second) an older woman with a brilliantly red coat came up beside me.
“I’m going to go for it,” she said, “are you with me?”
I laughed, and we ran together, two total strangers, making it to the other side unscathed.

Instead of leaving me to go her separate way, the two of us fell into conversation, a bond forged by a dangerous reaction. I discovered that she loved living here. Her husband wanted to move to Florida. We both agreed that a place with seasons was the best.
“Even upstate, like Warwick has its seasons,” she said, which brought a lump to my throat.
That is how I ended up telling a total stranger about a recent unhappy event in my life. I will not elaborate on it here, but a person I cared about has decided to part ways with me, hoping to be friends in the future. We started as friends.
Life goes on, and it will get easier with time. Even now, I feel that it will serve for my growth and ultimate good.
“I’m headed to church down there.” the older woman said.
“The one near the train station?” I asked.
“That’s the one.” She said, “I’ll say a prayer for you.”
I thanked her.

“I can tell you are a beautiful, nice young woman,” she said, “You should be fortunate for all the opportunities that women get these days. When I was younger, you could either be a teacher, a secretary, or a bookkeeper. Now women can do so much more.”

I gave her my card. She told me she had ten grandchildren and would order my book for them.
(The Boy Who Wore Many Hats- Margaret Merigliano, available on Amazon)

I sincerely believe that this woman was put in my path to remind me that with every void created, that there will always be something new to take its place. Even four days ago, when it really hurt to realize that my relationship with this person had ended, I knew it. He knew that I knew it too.

Meeting this woman reminded me how much I loved being connected to others. I like talking to strangers. I am a friendly person.

I will continue to forge bonds with others, because it makes me happy, even now.
However, maybe next time, I’ll tell us to hang back and wait for the red.


On being creative and ‘Work From Home jobs’: a personal reflection


So far this year, I have had my hands on many different projects lately. As an illustrator, I have learned that as long as you open your mouth enough, you can get jobs that work with a creative lifestyle.

Working from home, that is!

Now, I don’t mean those sketchy ads that show up on webpages from time to time as you surf the web.
I mean helping people manage their social media and menial tasks so they can be freed to manage what is most important: their center, or their project.

It all started with the picture above.

The picture is from my story, Luminè. It’s a depiction of a coming-of-age ceremony, the details that for brevity, I will not discuss here. To continue:

My Mom works at a Homeopathic office in Hartsdale, NY. The doctor there (who is a family friend) is really nice and asked if I would like to put a print up in the office to drum up business for myself. Naturally, I said yes. I can hear my Dad saying “Networking!” in my ears most of the time. It’s good advice.

One day, Mom decided that the picture wasn’t in a prominent place and with the doctor’s permission, she moved it.

That same day, a woman who was friends with Bernadette Bloom and Maureen Jacobson of the Center for Aligned Healing in Chappaqua noticed the painting.

In my mom’s words, I was told that the woman had tears in her eyes.

“Whoever made this painting must be very spiritual.” she said.

Mom mentioned me, which lead to my first work-from-home job. In the future, once I settle into my new responsibilities sending emails and updating their websites and social outlets, I will also be teaching meditation and metaphysically themed craft classes at the center. I’m looking forward to it! If you are local or curious, visit them here.

The second work-from-home job came as a referral from this one. Today, while drinking many cups of delicious coffee in the Ritz hotel lobby, I discussed future prospects with Elizabeth Kemler for Think Build Live Success, or TBLS.

In short, TBLS is a wonderful learning program that helps teens and young adults to be empowered. Many of these children come from disadvantaged backgrounds and this program is designed to give them the tools to succeed through the books and lessons.

You can visit the site here. Our future plans are in its infantile stages. We have discussed crowd-funding, among other options. For the form of the project, I have suggested to her that a ‘visual-novel-style and ‘point and click’ video game hybrid could be a fresh new way to get the information out. She had never thought of it, but after I showed her some examples, she was thrilled.

“This is just what I was thinking of!” she said, “I just didn’t realize it was a video game, but it’s what it is meant to be!”

Both jobs are not high-paying affairs, but they are absolutely perfect for a person who wants lots of time to be creative. I am especially fortunate to have attracted two jobs working with creative and spiritually-minded individuals. I’ll keep everyone posted on their growth and future prospects.

So, mind this story and this advice. Your art can bring you all kinds of jobs. Be open, and don’t think that a retail job is the only option. Keep talking yourself up.


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